Pettit Precision

Pettit Precision Support

With Pettit Precision Support, you have access to highly trained precision services personnel from Pettit Machinery. Our support plans enable you to have peace of mind in your precision service investments. With Pettit Precision Support, we are there when you need us, day or night.

RTK Towers and Receivers

Pettit Machinery is pleased to offer RTK precision for our customers. Use cropping practices that require the ultimate in accuracy? Then go with RTK. It provides +/- 1-inch accuracy and repeatability pass to pass. Take advantage of a Pettit Precision-owned RTK network, or you can set up your own.

Guidance and Machine Control

Hands on or hands off, Parallel Tracking and AutoTrac precision guidance helps you pack a lot into your day and even more in your pocket. With John Deere guidance and machine control tools in your farming operation, you will improve efficiency and most importantly profitability.

Displays and Receivers

Improve application rates, fuel economy, input placement, and land stewardship with John Deere GreenStar displays and StarFire receivers. This well supported precision technology can be put to work to improve your efficiency and a fast return on investment.

Field and Crop Solutions

Solutions for your fields; water management, grade precision, and flow measurement to name a few. John Deere's field and crop solution portfolio will help your crops reach their full potential. Greater yields equals great profits.

Information Management

The GreenStar products from John Deere are designed to capture your data to deliver it back to your desktop or mobile device for you to make intelligent decisions. Alerting you to equipment maintenance needs, managing yields or locating your equipment, these tools help you manage your business.